fruity, spicy
and peppery

Weinviertel DAC, © Weinkomitee Weinviertel

Weinviertel DAC - fruity, spicy and peppery

The Weinviertel’s calling card is a white wine called Weinwiertel DAC – a Grüner Veltliner with a peppery note to it.

Weinviertel DAC is characterised by spicy, peppery notes and a light yellow to greeny-yellow hue. DAC is a seal of quality that confirms the product’s Austrian origins.

There are only a few wines that have become such a clear calling card for their region as Weinviertel DAC. Famous for its peppery flavour, this Grüner Veltliner is synonymous with the exceptional standards achieved by the Weinviertel region’s wine producers. Having established itself as a pioneer in the Austrian wine industry, the region was the first to put the growing region above the variety of grape.

A glass of Grüner Veltliner wine with a peppery note

As a designation, Weinviertel DAC provides a guarantee of premium quality and certified, time-honoured growing methods that are in keeping with the specific growing area. And that is exactly as it should be: light yellow to greeny-yellow in colour, and dry on the palate with a fruity, spicy and peppery flavour. Weinviertel DAC wines are in high demand in the wine industry as Austria’s largest and most successful regional brand.

Certified Austrian designation of origin

DAC stands for Districtus Austriae Controllatus, which translates roughly as certified Austrian designation of origin. Only certified, high-quality wines that are typical of their region in Austria are awarded the DAC seal. In 2003 the Weinviertel became the nation’s first growing region to take the step to certify its Grüner Veltliner, with its unmistakable and instantly recognisable character. And it has continued to promote its famous white wine under this internationally respected quality seal and designation of origin.

Weinviertel DAC