Weinviertel wine autumn, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Robert Herbst

Weinviertel wine autumn

Enjoying wine is the most important thing during the Weinviertel wine autumn – the fifth season of the year!

“Vineyards bring people together.” In the Weinviertel, wine lovers will quickly learn that alongside spring, summer, autumn and winter, here a fifth season is celebrated: wine autumn. From traditional cellar lane celebrations, to the first tastings of the new vintage, to literature festivals.

The winemakers begin the hard work of the grape harvest in early autumn. Just at the time when warm rays of autumn sunshine bathe the colourful landscape in gold. During Weinherbst Niederösterreich – the wine season in Lower Austria – there are more reasons than ever to enjoy a good glass of wine in the rolling hills of the Weinviertel.

Celebrating wine in the Weinviertel

From parties in the cellar lanes to wine masterclasses and wine harvest festivals: in autumn, wine is celebrated to the full in the Weinviertel. Various celebrations attract wine lovers all along the Weinviertel Weinstrasse wine route. And there certainly is reason to celebrate when the winemakers open their doors on the cellar lanes in Bisamberg. As well as inspiration to be drawn – for example at the Wein-Kunst-Kultur arts festival in Falkenstein, which brings even more life to the colourful cellar lanes. Delicious food, like cream of pumpkin soup at the pumpkin festival around Retz, which tastes even better than grandmother’s. Relaxed enjoyment when the glasses chink. And friendly evenings when locals and guests say “prost!” together with a glass of their favourite wine.

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