Weinviertel Heuriger wine taverns, © Weinfranz

Weinviertel Heuriger wine taverns

Savour fine wine at a classic Weinviertel wine tavern.

Anyone looking for an authentic taste of Weinviertel wine should set time aside for a trip to a traditional Heuriger wine tavern!

When people talk about Heurigen in the Weinviertel they are often referring to a Buschenschank: informal spaces operated by the growers and restricted to limited seasonal opening hours. That said, there are also lots of well established year-round options too.

Local delicacies

At a Heuriger wine tavern, the fine wines are often served with typical regional dishes – locally-produced sausage and cheeses, cured hams, bacon, cold meats such as gammon and black pudding, as well as no-end of delicious spreads and other treats. One firm Heuriger favourite is the ‘Brettljausen’ – served on a wooden board (Brettl), this cold platter consists of various meats and spreads, and vegetables such as pickled cucumbers and spicy peppers. Other Heurigen with a special licence also serve hot food, with staples such as potato dumplings filled with pork crackling, rissoles, and roast pork among the favourites.

Heuriger Wine Tavern Calendar