Summer, sun and sunshine, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Mandl

Summer like it used to be – in the Weinviertel...

Balmy summer evenings and picturesque landscapes provide the perfect setting for enjoying all that summer has to offer.

With the vineyards bathed in sunshine and warmth, the Weinviertel awaits, bursting with summer’s bounty.

A huge range of fresh produce is available to whet the appetite in summer. Sun-ripened fruits grow on trees and bushes. Cherries, apricots and raspberries are harvested by the basketload, ready to go into the most delicious preparations: compotes, jams and apricot dumplings are just some of the delights on offer.

It tastes better outdoors than anywhere else

Summer delicacies taste best when enjoyed in the open air, with the breathtaking natural landscape setting the scene. The Tafeln im Weinviertel dinner evenings make this a reality: guests are served a five-course meal, with every dish prepared using local ingredients, in a special outdoor location such as a wine cellar lane, a vineyard, or a scenic spot with a great view. A picnic in the Weinviertel is also a wonderful way to enjoy the delights of summer.

Fun in the great outdoors

Summer in the Weinviertel region also offers fantastic excursions for everyone looking for recreation and fun. How about trying a Weinvierteldraisine pump car tour or a canoe adventure in the March-Thaya-Auen wetlands?