Staatzer Berg and Staatz Castle Ruins

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Visible from afar, the Staatz Ruin rises from the Laa Plain on a rocky cone about 100 metres high.

The Staatzer Berg belongs to the Waschberg zone, which divides the Weinviertel in a north-south direction. The huge limestone cliffs form the most characteristic geological unit of the Weinviertel, which only exists here, in Falkenstein and in the adjacent southern Moravia.

A castle was built at the summit of Staatzer Berg in the course of the planned settlement of the Weinviertel in the 11th century. It was destroyed by the Swedes in 1645 during the Thirty Years' War. Parts of the castle were demolished for the construction of the new castle. Since then, the ruins have fallen into disrepair. Since the 1950s, Staatzer Berg has been owned by the municipality. The mountain and the ruins can therefore be visited all year round.

Regular guided ruin walks from May to October (every Sunday, 15 o'clock) familiarise you with the history of the region, which is closely linked to the development of the Weinviertel.
The hike lasts approx. 1.5 hours and can be booked for groups of 2 or more.

Every last Sunday of the month, 3 pm, a Betty Bernstein family hike is offered.

The Felsenbühne Staatz - with 1,200 seats one of the largest open-air stages in Austria, which regularly hosts musicals - is located at the foot of this steep cliff. During the evening summer performances, this harmonious ensemble under the almost thousand-year-old castle ruins is still lavishly illuminated, so that a visit to a musical performance in Staatz becomes an unforgettable experience!

For details of the performances at the Felsenbühne Staatz, please see our calendar of events!

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