The joys of spring in the Weinviertel, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Christine Wurnig

Savour spring in the Weinviertel

Spring: the first rays of sunshine as nature awakens from its slumber.

There’s a motto for what happens in spring in the Weinviertel: ‘In die Grean gehen’ – take a walk into the green.

The saying ‘In die Grean gehen’ – take a walk into the green – comes from an old tradition. In days gone by, wine growers would go on an Easter walk with their workers, to the cellar lane to taste the new vintage for the first time. Today, ‘In die Grean gehen’ is synonymous with welcoming the spring. Take in the sweet fresh air and enjoy the expanse of the landscape! And the Weinviertel is one of the best places to do this – while frost and ice are still present in mountainous regions, here it’s already time to put away warm winter coats, breathe in the fresh air outside and bask in the warming sunshine as nature wakes up.

Getting out into nature

The Weinviertel offers countless ways to get active: running, hiking, cycling, seeing flowers and birds – in a place where spring comes early. After the long, cold winter months, many of us have a longing to go outdoors, move about and enjoy the sunshine. Families with children in particular look for opportunities to get out into the fresh spring air.

Culinary highlights in spring

When the unmistakable aroma of wild garlic hangs in the air, herbs are flourishing, and the first buds are opening on trees and shrubs as they begin to be covered in blossom, spring has sprung in the Weinviertel! Asparagus is harvested and forms the centrepiece of delicious dishes served in the region’s restaurants and inns: asparagus soup, asparagus lasagne, creamy asparagus and much more.