Retz, © Retzer Land / Astrid Bartl


The wine town in the western Weinviertel.

Retz is located in the north-west of the Weinviertel region, and is part of the district of Hollabrunn. This famous wine-producing town is close to the border with the Czech Republic, only a little more than 10km from the Czech town of Znojmo.

Retz is a charming place with plenty of attractions – both above and below ground – that are sure to make any visit fascinating. On the main square, the Verderberhaus in Venetian Renaissance style and the numerous Baroque and Biedermeier buildings form a stunning backdrop, transporting visitors to southern climes.

Subterranean viniculture

The cellars that run beneath the whole of the town centre are a particularly special feature. Stretching for an incredible 20km, the Retzer Erlebniskeller is the largest wine cellar in Central Europe and promises a true underground adventure. And the world of wine can be experienced from a unique perspective during the annual Retzer Weinlesefest festival.

The windmill – the town’s emblem

Retz’s instantly-recognisable landmark can be seen for a good distance, standing above the town, surrounded by vineyards. The Retzer Windmühle windmill is one of the last operational flour mills in Austria, running on the natural power of the wind alone. Its sails turn at the weekends when the wind is right.