Kleiner Falkenflug

Hiking route from Falkenstein, Rathaus to Falkenstein, Rathaus

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Elevation profile

6,55 km length

Tour dates
  • Route: 6,55 km
  • Ascent: 158 egm
  • Descent: 155 egm
  • Duration: 2:14 h
  • Lowest point: 276 m
  • Highest point:382 m

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Brief description

Experience Falkenstein with the eyes of the falcon and follow me! Accompany me on dreamy paths through the village, surrounded by magnificent scenery! A thousand years in market and castle come to life when I tell you about the past, some Weinviertler Winzergschichtl are also there. But let's not just dwell on yesterday - young winegrowers in the 21st century live here and develop their visions for the Falkenstein wine of the future. Finally, we stop at a falcon-resting place to enjoy - how about a wine tasting or a typical Weinviertel snack?


On the wings of the falcon, Falkenstein can be experienced and hiked on small and large routes. The core is "The little falcon flight" (7 km, approx. 2 hours walking time): Town hall area, market, horse ranch, church, vicarage, wine educational trail, castle ruins, cellar lane, but also wine-growing estates and wine taverns. At 25 showplaces, wings sit on limestones, printed with the stories of the falcon.

Along the way there are attractions like vineyard huts, picnic area, cellar lane, the egg, show cellar and vineyard maze. The falcon is always the symbol and guide, telling stories of Falkenstein, the landscape and wine, and wine tavern furniture of the Weinviertel invites you to relax.

There are a total of seven well signposted theme hiking trails such as "Große Weinrieden" or "Auf den Spuren der Venus".

"Set out with me to get to know Falkenstein and its surroundings. Landscape, history(s) and wine enjoyment are waiting for you!"

Your falcon

Starting point of the tour

Falkenstein, Rathaus

Destination point of the tour

Falkenstein, Rathaus

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