Kamp-Thaya-March-Bike Route

Top bicycle trail from Krems to Stopfenreuth

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Elevation profile

423,89 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Route: 423,89 km
  • Ascent: 2.551 egm
  • Descent: 2.601 egm
  • Duration: 30:00 h
  • Lowest point: 141 m
  • Highest point:623 m
  • Stage tour
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops
  • Cultural/historical value
  • Insider tip

Details for: Kamp-Thaya-March-Bike Route

Brief description

Escape from the Danube and bike on a discovery of Lower Austria along the Kamp-Thaya-March cycling route; one of the most beautifulcycling routes in Austria.

The attractive bike route, in the north-eastern part of Austria, follows three Rivers and in contrast permeates the Wald- and Weinviertel - two romantic Regions on the border to the Czech Republic. Scenic diversity, clever signs, friendly and helpful people and high recreational value - the German magazine "active cycling" describes the Kamp-Thaya March cycle path (KTM)  as excellent.

With four stars and the label "Very recommended" did the editorial staff describe the 400 km long route from Krems an der Donau through Wald- and Weinviertel in the vast landscape of the March to Vienna through a largely undiscovered cycling region beyond main roads and mass tourism. Peace, tranquility and idyllic scenery make this trip an experience. The stages with a length between 30 and 55 km can be varied, while the busiest routes are mainly confined to the Waldviertel. Thanks to the perfect KTM route guide the orientation on the route is easy. On the route, wheel-friendly restaurants and accommodation facilities are included.

Wild nature, deserted villages, medieval castles and cultivated wine make the tour an unforgettable experience on the most beautiful detour from Krems to Vienna.


At the beginning of the tour, you can enjoy beautiful cycling along the Kamp (river), then you can expect steep sections in the Waldviertel. Go through the Weinviertel mostly downwards as the route continues through the soft hilly landscape to reach the Danube. The route is largely on traffic-free freight routes and secondary roads. The line in the Waldviertel is mostly paved, however in the Weinviertel you can also encounter gravel paths. The Kamp-Thaya March cycle path is consistently well signposted. Along the way you can encounter also road signs to the smaller regional round tours (such as the Teich-Tümpel-Tour) and to tours which are named after grape sorts (e.g. Welschriesling). Information about the smaller tours are found in the Weinviertel OST and Weinviertel West maps. On the line a variety of destinations are also offered, such as the Loisium wine world, Schloss Rosenburg, Stift (abbey) Zwettl, National Park Thayatal, Retzer Wine Cellar, Therme (thermal springs) Laa, wine experience world Poysdorf, Schloss Hof (castle) and more.

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Route description Kamp-Thaya-March-Bike Route

Abwechslungsreiches Radwandern entlang dreier Flüsse; sportlich anregend mit zum Teil kräftigen Steigungen im Waldviertel; ins Weinviertel geht’s großteils abwärts, dann sanfthügelige Landschaft um Retz und Laa/Thaya bis Marchegg. Die Route ist mindestens als Wochentour oder länger zu planen (z.B. für kulinarische Entdeckungsreisen oder Touren per Nostalgiebahn und Rad ins Thayatal, den kleinsten Nationalpark Österreichs). Höhepunkte entlang dieser Route: die Wein- & Traubenwelt Poysdorf, Loisium in Langenlois, das Renaissanceschloss Rosenburg, die Stifte in Altenburg, Zwettl und Geras, der Retzer Erlebniskeller, Beringungsstation Hohenau, Schloss Jedenspeigen oder die Therme Laa.

ÖBB Nordanbindung von Hohenau/ March bis nach Angern/ March

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Waldviertel Tourismus
3910 Zwettl, Sparkassenplatz 1/2/2
(T) +43 2822 541090
(E) info@waldviertel.at
(I) www.waldviertel.at 

Weinviertel Tourismus
2170 Poysdorf, Kolpingstr. 7
(T) +43 2552 3515
(E) info@weinviertel.at
(I) www.weinviertel.at 

Author's tip

Die 420 km lange Radstrecke lässt sich auch in kleinere Etappen einteilen. So lässt sich’s leichter radeln.
Etappe 1: Krems – Rosenburg 42,5km
Etappe 2: Rosenburg – Friedersbach 43km
Etappe 3: Friedersbach – Waidhofen/Thaya 53,2km
Etappe 4: Waidhofen/Thaya – Drosendorf/Thaya 56,7km
Etappe 5: Drosendorf – Retz 46,8km
Etappe 6: Retz – Laa 45,9km
Etappe 7: Laa – Herrnbaumgarten 38,5km
Etappe 8: Herrnbaumgarten – Angern 62,7km
Etappe 9: Angern – Hainburg: 37,1km

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